Haiku2 for mind0vermatter
jets and showers and
saunas i suspect most of
theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese likes and dislikes
Created by Grahame

Haiku2 for mind0vermatter
if we all had high
powered weapons as limbs
resident evil
Created by Grahame

the end of the show
the paintings scrolled back to
reveal a giant

oppressing people
like marvin heemeyer written
by a guy who lives

in the end i just
learned that sex between a
man and a lot

my butt is falling asleep

-Onebarachan Bikini Samurai Squad
-Prom at Emma Frost's Academy of Tomorrow (I think...)
-Trading my printed fabric for other people's good sewing

-the fact that my ass is falling asleep
-my hair still smells like smoke :(
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    Slumdog Millionaire
phoenix wright

Likes and Dislikes part 2

-the 2nd half of the 3rd season of Dexter
-Y: the Last Man
-bullet points

-the 1st half of the 3rd season of Dexter (more or less...)
-not being able to think of things to fill your bullet points with after you type them in
phoenix wright

Yay! Thanks, friends list!

I am now restocked with comics reading material thanks to you, friends (I knew you'd have a huge list, Zach <3)... while it's on my mind, here are some things I like and do not like for your reading pleasure!

-Machine Girl, an epic Japanese movie depicting how much better life would be if we all had high-powered weapons as limbs
-Resident Evil 5

-CLOCK-TOWER LEVELS in Castlevania games arghlghlghlgh
phoenix wright

Graphic novels

Tell me ones that I should read. :'D I'm rapidly running out of Fables to read and will quickly perish if I am not provided with more sources of amusement. I demand specific series or titles, please don't tell me to read Batman or whatever...

Other stuff I'm reading right now:
-Ultimate and Astonishing X-Men
-Y: the last man
-Dead Irons/Dark Tower/The Stand (monthlies)

Edit: forgot to mention my new Wonder Woman habit and also the Ultimates. What Captain America series are good?.... o_o
phoenix wright

Video game babble

Since last posting here whining about not having DS games to play I have:

-beaten Kirby: Canvas Curse
-started Apollo Justice
-played through the tutorial missions of Disgaea DS
-beaten The World Ends With You
-picked up Apollo Justice again with the intent to finish it

By the way, Apollo Justice has gotten way better than it started! I like it quite a bit, even if it is harder to get into than the other Ace Attorney games were for me. I like the prosecutor quite a bit, too... He's so dreamy~

Next thoughts:

-more Disgaea
-Hotel Dusk
-one of the 20 million Final Fantasy games for DS that I haven't played yet
-Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia
phoenix wright


Went to see My Name is Bruce at Sundance tonight and guess who was there? ;D Madison wasn't even planned as a stop originally but he had it listed on his website awhile ago and so many people emailed Sundance asking for tickets (including Brendan and myself) that they added a showing... and a second showing and third showing when the first sold out. Yay! It was great, he did Q&A and made fun of people and hit on ladies. He looks just like in the movies! Chainsaw arm and all!
phoenix wright

Whiiiiine! Also I need video game recommendations.

Ok so firstly I'm getting laid off of my printing job for the winter, which I knew would happen, but GET THIS, INTERNET! I had called Ben and Jerry's to see if I could go back and work there as I continue to apply for professional jobs, and GUESS WHAT HAPPENS--I'm supposed to start Sunday and I get a call today saying the goddamn stores closed. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Dx

Secondly I'm almost done with Phoenix Wright 3, what do I play when I run out of Phoenix Wright games?? D; I'm thinking mostly DS here, so any suggestions would be ace. Thanks, internet.